Language definitions

Unit: OExportLNG.pas

Change the contents of global variables in OExportLNG.pas to localize OExport in your application.

Language definitions in OExportLNG.pas:

  OExportLNG_Worksheet: OWideString = 'Worksheet';
  OExportLNG_AllSupportedFiles: OWideString = 'All supported files';

  OExportLNG_FileNameExtNotFound: OWideString =
    'The file "%s" could not be processed.'+sLineBreak+sLineBreak+
    'The file extension is not assigned to any exporter.';
  OExportLNG_FileExtNotFound: OWideString = 'The file extension "%s" is not assigned to any exporter.';
  OExportLNG_ExtensionNotPresent: OWideString = 'Filename does not contain any extension.';
  OExportLNG_DrawingNotImage: OWideString = 'Drawing is not an image';
  OExportLNG_FileNotXLS: OWideString = 'The file is not a valid XLS (Excel 97-2003) file.';
  OExportLNG_FileOldXLSBIFF5: OWideString =
    'The file can''t be opened because it has an old XLS format (Excel 5.0/95).'+sLineBreak+sLineBreak+
    'Please open the file in Excel and resave it as XLS for Excel 97-XP or XLSX for Excel 2007-2010.';
  OExportLNG_FileNotXLSX: OWideString = 'The file is not a valid XLSX (Excel 2007) file.';
  OExportLNG_FileNotODS: OWideString = 'The file is not a valid ODS (OpenOffice Calc) file.';
  OExportLNG_FileNotZIP: OWideString = 'The file is not a valid ZIP file.';
  OExportLNG_FileZIPNoSupportedFile: OWideString = 'The zipped file does not contain any valid file that could be imported.';

  OExportLNG_TitleSelectWorksheet: OWideString = 'Select worksheet';
  OExportLNG_TextSelectWorksheet: OWideString =
    'The document contains more than one worksheet.'+sLineBreak+
    'Please select which worksheet you want to export:';

  OExportLNG_Export: OWideString = 'Export';
  OExportLNG_Import: OWideString = 'Import';
  //OExportLNG_Cancel: OWideString = 'Cancel';

  OExportLNG_SharedStrings: OWideString = 'Shared strings';
  OExportLNG_Saving: OWideString = 'Saving';
  OExportLNG_Loading: OWideString = 'Loading';
  OExportLNG_Compressing: OWideString = 'Compressing';

  OExportLNG_ExportedRows: OWideString = 'Exported rows: %s';