This is the list that contains tags for rich formatting of a cell text (TExportCellString.Text).

Please note that if you use this list directly, you have to check that the tags are correct! The tags have to be sorted by their StartingChars ascendently - you can use the SortByTags procedure for this.

Functions & procedures

function FindFromChar(const aChar: Integer): Integer;
Find the applied tag at position aChar.
procedure SortByTags;
Sort the list correctly (ascendently by StartingChar).



StartingCharIntegerPosition where the tag starts. The tag is applied until the next one starts or the text ends.
FontPExportFontFont of the tag.
Use *Auto properies or clNone for the color to apply inherited properties (from the cell's font).

Functions & procedures

procedure AssignToRealFont(const aToFont: PExportFont);
Assign the tag's font (with inherited properties from the cell, if applied) to aToFont.