The type TCellHAlignment defines horizontal alignment of the text in a cell.


cahAutoUse parent alignment (row/col/worksheet) or cahLeft.
cahLeftText is left-justified: Lines all begin at the left edge of the cell.
cahCenterText is centered in the cell.
cahRightText is right-justified: Lines all end at the right edge of the cell.
cahFilledText is left-justified and repeated so that the whole cell is filled with the text. If the text is longer than the cell, the text is cutted at the right cell edge.
cahJustifyText is justified to both edges of the cell. The last line of the text or lines that end with a line break are left-justified only.
cahCenterContinuousText is centered across empty cells with cahCenterContinuous to the right of the cell with text. In ODS, this alignment is substituted by column span.
cahDistributedThe first and last word of each line is aligned to the left and right margin respectively.