The type TCellBorderStyle defines the style of a cell border.


ebAutoNo information (usually use border from parent cell/row/column/sheet).
ebNoneNo border (the border is not visible).
ebThinThin (normal) solid border.
ebMediumMedium solid border.
ebDashedThin dashed border.
ebDottedThin dotted border.
ebThickThick solid border.
ebDoubleDouble border.
ebHairUltra-thin dotted border.
ebMediumDashedMedium dashed border.
ebDashDottedThin dash-dotted border.
ebMediumDashDottedMedium dash-dotted border.
ebDashDotDottedThin dash-dot-dotted border.
ebMediumDashDotDottedMedium dash-dot-dotted border.
ebSlantedDashDottedSlanted dash-dotted border.

Border issues

  1. ebDashed, ebDotted and ebMediumDashed are not supported by the latest OpenOffice Calc. They are supported by LibreOffice Calc though.
  2. All dash-dotted styles are not supported by the ODS format. They are converted to dashed line styles by OExport.
  3. OpenOffice Calc and LibreOffice Calc do have some issues when showing borders on the screen. E.g. the double border might be drawn as a single border. The borders are printed correctly though.
  4. Excel supports all of these borders (both XLS and XLSX formats).