TExportChartData is object where a data series for a chart stored.


DataTitleTExportRange Title of the data series that is shown in the legend.
XRangeTExportRange Range of the data for the X-axis. XRange is used exclusively by TExportChartXY.
YRangeTExportRange Range of the data for the Y-axis.
ExtraRange1TExportRange Extra range for special charts.
Now supported only by TExportChartBubbles for storing bubble size.
BorderTExportDrawingBorder Border of data series. For TExportChartLines and TExportChartXY this is the line property.
MarkersTExportDrawingMarkers Markers of data series. Used only by TExportChartLines and TExportChartXY.
FillTExportDrawingFill Fill of data series. Used only by TExportChartBars, TExportChartAreas and TExportChartBubbles.
ShadowTExportDrawingShadow Shadow of data series. Not fully supported by OpenOffice Calc.
ShowLabelsTExportChartDataShowLabels Show labels with values next to the markers (line chart), bars (bar chart), pie sectors (pie chart) etc.
You can show more than one type of label. [] means no labels.
Possible values: eslValue, eslPercentage, eslCategoryName, eslSeriesName.

Code snippets

Please see the TExportChart* sections for example code snippets.