TExportChartAxis defines the axis settings of a chart.


CaptionOWideStringAxis caption.
ExcelNumberFormatOWideStringThe custom number format of axis label values.
LineTExportDrawingBorderAxis line appearance.
LogarithmicBooleanSets logarithmic scale of the axis.
MajorGridLinesTExportDrawingBorderMajor grid lines appearance.
MinorGridLinesTExportDrawingBorderMinor grid lines appearance.
ShowNumbersBooleanDefines whether tick numbers (or captions) are shown.
TickSkipDoubleThe interval between axis tics.
OriginAtTExportChartAxisOriginMove the origin of the axis.
OriginValueDoubleValue of the axis origin. Only applicable when OriginAt = eoaValue.
MaxValueDoubleThe maximum value of the chart. Only applicable when UseMax = True.
UseMaxBooleanDefines if MaxValue should be used.
MinValueDoubleThe minimum value of the chart. Only applicable when UseMin = True.
UseMinBooleanDefines if MinValue should be used.