TExportChart is the abstract chart class. Don't use it directly. Use child classes instead.

Child classes

TExportChartBarsBar chart
TExportChartLinesLine chart
TExportChartAreasArea chart
TExportChartXYScatter (XY) chart
TExportChartBubblesBubble chart
TExportChartPiePie chart


TitleOWideStringChart title. Will be shown above the chart.
DataTExportChartDataListData list.
XTicsRangeTExportRangeX-axis tics titles. Not applicable for pie chart.
XAxisTExportChartAxisX-axis settings.
YAxisTExportChartAxisY-axis settings.
LegendTExportChartLegendLegend settings.
NameOWideStringInternal chart name. Won't be shown directly in the worksheet.
FillTExportDrawingFillBackground fill of the drawing.
BorderTExportDrawingBorderBorder of the drawing.
ShadowTExportDrawingShadowShadow of the drawing.
SubChartsTExportSubChartsA list of subcharts in this chart.
Add other charts into this list with the AddSubChart procedure!
Use SubCharts if you want to combine different charts in one. But be aware that you cannot combine all types of charts in an Excel file (e.g. 3D and 2D diagrams). In this case, OExport won't show any error but the exported file will be invalid.

Functions & procedures

function AddData(const aYWorkSheet: TExportWorkSheet; const aYCol, aYRow, aYColSpan, aYRowSpan: Integer): TExportChartData;

function AddData(const aYCol, aYRow, aYColSpan, aYRowSpan: Integer): TExportChartData;
Add data matrix to the chart.
function AddSubChart(const aChartType: TExportChartClass): TExportChart;
Add a new sub-chart of a specific type.